Welcome to Hughes Systems Industrial’s comprehensive range of industrial and commercial electrical contractor services. Our team of dedicated experts is committed to providing exceptional solutions that meet the diverse needs of commercial and industrial facilities. From new construction and remodeling to emergency services and specialized applications, each electrical service we offer ensures the reliability, efficiency, and safety of your electrical systems.

Design Build Construction:

A Customer-Centric Approach

Our design-build approach combines both design and construction expertise into a single, streamlined process.

Our design-build process minimizes conflicts and ensures accountability.

Early involvement leads to efficient decision-making and reduced errors.

Accurate cost projections from the outset for informed financial decisions.

Swift response to changes and adjustments throughout the project.

Simultaneous design and construction phases result in quicker completion.

From concept to completion, we maintain the highest quality standards.

Our team manages unforeseen challenges, reducing client stress.

Our experts ensure efficient, safe, and compliant commercial electrical systems.

We work closely with each client and general contractor to deliver projects with accountability.

Regular checks identify potential issues before they escalate.

Planned actions to extend equipment lifespan and prevent failures.

Expert technicians address electrical faults efficiently.

Swift, effective repairs to minimize downtime and ensure safety.

24/7 support for urgent issues to prevent disruptions.

Enhancing efficiency and safety through upgrades.

Inspections to ensure compliance and safety.

Audits to reduce energy consumption and costs.

Detailed records about all electrical work and commercial electrician services for informed decisions and future planning.

Electrical Maintenance:

Ensuring Uninterrupted Operations

Our electrical maintenance services are designed to keep your operations running smoothly.

New Construction:

Building Quality from the Ground Up

Our team of licensed industrial and commercial electricians specializes in creating robust electrical infrastructures tailored to commercial and industrial settings. We offer a range of electrical contracting services that encompass every aspect of electrical installation for new construction projects.

Designing and installing efficient power distribution systems to ensure stable and reliable power supply.
Connecting and powering industrial machinery with expertise in diverse power requirements

Implementing specialized lighting solutions to enhance safety, productivity, and efficiency. Our lighting installation services encompass everything from parking lot lighting and security lighting systems to indoor commercial lighting solutions.

Integrating safety features like GFCIs and AFCIs to safeguard personnel and equipment. We also perform a thorough safety inspection for every electrical system we install.

Designing and installing backup solutions to ensure operations continue during outages.

Centralizing control for efficient management of motors and equipment.

Ensuring proper grounding for safety and equipment reliability.

Integrating systems for process optimization and performance monitoring.

Adhering to relevant codes and regulations for industrial and commercial building electrical installations.

Modernizing components for improved efficiency and performance.

Adapting layouts to enhance workflow and safety.

Seamlessly integrating new equipment with existing systems.

Implementing solutions to reduce energy consumption and costs.

Ensuring electrical remodels comply with up-to-date codes and regulations.

Addressing power quality issues to ensure stability.

Adding or upgrading backup solutions for uninterrupted operations.

Enhancing safety measures for personnel and equipment protection.

Streamlining processes with advanced control systems.

Identifying and correcting any existing electrical issue to ensure efficient and effective systems operations.

Planning remodels to minimize operational disruptions.


Updating and Upgrading Electrical Systems

When your facility evolves, our electrical remodeling services ensure seamless integration and optimal performance.

High Voltage:

Powering Critical Industrial Operations

Our high voltage services cater to the unique demands of industrial operations.

Efficient transmission over long distances.

Stepping down or up voltages for distribution and transmission.

Powering heavy machinery and equipment.

Producing electricity at high voltages in power plants.

Expertise and safety protocols for high voltage environments.

Integral part of utility grids for efficient electricity distribution.

Ensuring safe operation under high stress.

Efficient long-distance power transmission.

Automation and control with PLCs.

Managing complex processes with DCSs.

Skilled engineers proficient in programming languages.

Integrating control systems for streamlined processes.

Enhancing control strategies and automation.

Translating process requirements into logical sequences.

Staying updated with the latest PLC and DCS technology.

PLC/DCS Programming & Support:

Precision Control for Industrial Processes

Our experts excel in programming and supporting PLCs and DCSs

Instrumentation Installation & Calibration:

Ensuring Accurate Measurements

Our instrumentation services ensure precise measurement and control.

Selecting, mounting, and wiring instruments.

Calibration for accurate measurements.

Considering energy consumption and sustainability.

Ensuring adherence to electrical codes.

Implementing proper grounding and bonding.

Skilled technicians for accurate calibration.

Regular maintenance and records for performance.

Capturing heat signatures for analysis.

Identifying hotspots and temperature variations.

Early detection to prevent breakdowns.

Rapid action to mitigate safety risks.

Qualified personnel for accurate analysis.

Preventing electrical fires and hazards.

Thermography Inspections:

Detecting Anomalies with Precision

Our thermal imaging inspections safeguard against any potential electrical problem.

Feasibility Studies:

Informed Decision-Making for Success

Our feasibility studies assess viability and manage risks.

Evaluating technical requirements and standards.

Analyzing costs, revenues, and ROI.

Understanding target audience impact as an expert electrical contractor.

Identifying and mitigating potential risks and hazards.

Ensuring sustainable practices.

Adhering to local regulations and codes.

Exploring cost-effective energy-efficient solutions.

Outlining organizational structure and roles.

Prompt assistance for urgent electrical issues and emergencies.

Ensuring safety during emergencies.

Minimizing downtime and losses.

Addressing critical problems as an expert electrical contractor.

Reliable service day and night.

24 Hour Emergency Service Calls:

Swift Solutions for Urgent Needs

Our round-the-clock emergency services ensure immediate support.

Experience Electrical Contractor Service Excellence

At Hughes Systems Industrial, we pride ourselves on delivering excellence in every electrical contractor solution we offer. Whether it’s a new construction, emergency service, or specialized application, our team is dedicated to ensuring the reliability, efficiency, and safety of your electrical systems. Contact us today to discuss your electrical needs and experience our commitment to excellence firsthand.

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